Searching for the perfect activity? It’s simple! Let your mood guide your workout.

Start by asking yourself: What type of workout am I in the mood for today?

I want move to a beat and feel energized:

Gympass has a wide range of classes including HIIT, cardio dance and pilates. Find a gym or class on your route home, move to the music and let loose!

I want to blow off steam and sweat it out:

CrossFit, spin, or boxing could be exactly what you need today. Bring a colleague or family member and try a new class with good company. You’ll feel the endorphins afterwards!

Prefer to be outside? Take a brisk walk round the block, a jog in the park or search your area for outdoor activities instead. 😍

I want to unwind and recharge my batteries:

Yoga, water-aerobics or a brisk walk sound like the right match for how you are feeling. Stretching and more relaxed exercises might help to bring back a little zen.

There’s an activity for every mood! Find one to love at 😉