Crossfit is one of the fastest growing modes today. To tell you a little more about it, we invite Wellington Alves, coach of the Crossfit at box, to give you the main information about this sport, for whom it is more suitable, and other. Check it out:

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a general fitness method based on functional, high intensity, and constantly varying movements. These movements fall into three categories: aerobic/cardio, gymnastic movements (exercises to control one’s body, from flexion of arms to more complex movements such as rise in the rings), and Olympic weightlifting. Crossfit’s main goal is to improve the quality of life and health of its practitioner, and consequently improve aesthetics and body composition.

Who can do it?

Crossfit can be practiced by anyone, young people, the elderly, people with special needs, etc., but they must be provided with the right qualified professional.

Do I need to prepare before I start?

Most pits require beginner preparatory classes, which can vary in number of classes and duration. But in addition to these classes, no additional preparation is required. Besides preparing yourself to the level of intensity that Crossfit has, which is done on your own, all movements can be adapted.

How are the classes?

Crossfit is very comprehensive so therefore it is not always possible to determine a fixed model of classes, but each class usually is an hour and are divided into three stages: Heating, technique, in which students learn or improve some exercises. The third stage, which is the most, anticipated part! WOD: The Work Out of The Day is the execution of the exercises learned in the previous stage in an intense way, in the shortest time possible or in the greatest number of executions in a given time.

Will I be too muscular or too skinny training Crossfit?

It is possible to target your goals, either in increasing muscle mass or in weight loss, depending on how you feed yourself. Look for an expert in the subject to receive guidance on how to reach your goals.

What are the benefits?

Increased physical strength, body flexibility, muscle definition and reduced fat potential are just one of the benefits that Crossfit offers. It even helps reduce stress, improves balance, cardiovascular and respiratory capacity, improves performance in long- and short-distance racing, and strengthens team spirit.

How to choose a box to train?

Choose a box with experienced coaches who are trained in Physical Education. One of the other things that are very important is the technique of movement. Crossfit is not just weight lifting, there has to be a variation in the movements for a balance in the motor stimuli. Improving the mechanics of movements is what will protect you from injury and increase your ability to work. The important thing is not to train more but to train right.


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