Here are some tips for being a better morning person this year!

We’ve all made promises the night before to be one of those successful people who has done half a days work before sunrise.

Meal prep

You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Make Sunday night meal prep easier by cooking things all at the same time, freezing it in read-to-go tupperware, and sticking on some tunes. You’ll thank yourself later for it – plus you’ll save heaps of cash not always popping out to Costa at lunchtime.

Cook once, eat for a week.

Get an early night

The struggle isn’t all mental. There’s a strong physical component and the amount — as well as the quality — of sleep you get is the most important factor.

Although it’s obvious, make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time if you want to wake up early.

Avoid snooze

Everyone’s got tricks – from storing you alarm clock across the room, to leaving your curtains open.

But whatever you do, don’t hit snooze. It doesn’t give you more of the restful REM sleep you need, and instead of your body and mind recuperating you’re just wasting time.

Outfit prep

Ladies. Raise your hand if you know this feeling.

Sparkling new adidas creps, cute strappy lululemon sports bra, and the ultimate squat-proof Gymshark leggings. Who’s gonna smash that training session today? I thought so. Try laying out your favourite work-out gear the night before and you’ll be much faster out the door, trust me.

Adjust your workouts

Physical exercise is going to help you sleep better and keep you more energised in the daytime. But what kind of exercise is going to work best?

Starting your day with some relaxing yoga might mean you’ll struggle to keep your eyes open. A super-charged HIIT class, by contrast, might be just the thing to get your heart racing, and keep you focused for the rest of the day!

Try roping a friend in so that you can both hold each other accountable.

Turn your commute into a workout

Free yourself from the shackles of the tube and try walking, cycling or running to work!

Download My Tracks from the Google Play Store, which uses your phone’s GPS to record your speed, distance and elevation when you run (or cycle).

If you really want to make the most of it, try an interval run. Sprint for 20 seconds, then drop off to a slow jog for 40 seconds to get your breath back and repeat this 10 times (or until you get to work!). This powerful sprint interval session is ideal for a commute as it’s not overly complicated and suits any terrain.

Remember to invest in a great running backpack that’s going to keep your laptop and work clothes safe

Make it a routine

When you wake at the same time each day your body becomes conditioned to this and regulates your sleep patterns accordingly. This means you can get more of that precious REM sleep and when you have a regular wake time, your body actually begins the process of waking up long before your alarm sounds.

Similarly, make your early morning gym trips a habit so that you don’t have to debate whether you’re gonna go or not- Tuesday mornings is circuits time! No debate!

And finally – get excited about your day, and you’ll jump out of bed. Don’t drive yourself with guilt about why you have to wake up early. Make waking up early something you get to do.

What’s your morning routine? Do you have any great tips for becoming an early bird? Let us know!