HIIT training can reverse aging!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, notorious for its effectiveness in burning calories and increasing physical and respiratory capacity.

A study published by Mayo Clinic points out that HIIT combined with resistance training is capable of reversing the aging process.

The study

The objective of the study was to find evidence that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of people of all ages.

The research studied two age groups as their objects: young adults aged 18 to 30 years and elderly 65 to 85 years. They were from the city of Rochester, Minnesota, the United States.

The researchers followed the molecular and metabolic changes of the groups for 12 weeks. After completing each type of exercise, they randomly collected data of 72 hours.

All types of training increase lean muscle volume and insulin sensitivity, but only high-intensity interval training is able to enhance the cardiorespiratory capacity and mitochondrial function of muscles.

HIIT also improves muscle protein levels simultaneously improving energetic functions as well as increasing muscle volume.

Obviously, the reversal of the aging process does not happen in just 12 weeks, but the study can prove what we all already knew: physical activity is important to ensure health; and specifically high intensity interval training and resistance training may result in even greater benefits, especially for the elderly.

All physical activity brings benefits to health, especially for the elderly

We lose muscle mass as we get older and researchers have found that this combination of workouts increases muscle mass at the cellular level and reverses some of the effects of aging.

For older people, combined training allows them to become more functional and independent. It was observed that in only 4 days of interval training, people over 70 years of age increased their muscle strength significantly.

However, for this age group, the training should be accompanied by qualified professionals and there is a need for medical release so that the elderly can perform them. Although they are encouraged to overcome their limitations, all training is performed within the physical capacities of each participant, which gives total safety in training.

Respect for the limits of each individual

If you are starting to exercise now, before beginning the combined HIIT and resistance training, find out how they are performed. The best way is to look for a location that has highly trained and trained professionals.

Take all your doubts about the practice away and, if possible, give an experimental lesson so that you know your limits.

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