To ensure members can keep active and healthy at home, as well as offering live workouts from our fitness partners across the UK, Gympass have expanded their wellbeing offering to a range of digital wellbeing apps.

One of the apps Gympass has partnered with is Auro. Auro is an audio personal trainer app that provides motivational audio workouts suitable for home and outdoors. Gympass spoke with Auro CEO and founder Anta to understand more about audio fitness and how it can help our Gympass members stay motivated and connected during this difficult and challenging time.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​Auro?
Anta, CEO of Auro: I am a runner and I always struggled to find a running coach to help me improve my pace for my half marathon. The coaches that I found were not available when I needed to train, which was either very late in the evenings or first thing in the mornings. I struggled to keep up with gym classes once I moved out of central London to start a family. So I wanted to bring the coaching of a PT and the energy and motivation of studio classes to anyone wherever they may be and this was the genesis of the brand.

So how does Audio Fitness work?
Auro gives consumers the choice to work out with a coach wherever and whenever they want. You don’t need to live in a city or turn up at 6AM. You can work out at home, in the park or even in a hotel gym and still access the same quality of coaching and fitness instruction that you would find with a top personal trainer in London. The beauty of audio fitness is the fact that all content is made to be listened to first and foremost, meaning the instructions are easy to follow without watching a video.

What type of workouts does Auro offer?
Auro provides hundreds of audio-guided workouts led by expert trainers, including HIIT, strength training, outdoor running, yoga, meditation and more! You can choose from a quick 10-minute power session that requires no equipment whatsoever, all the way to hour-long outdoor jogs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, there is a structured training plan for you – from running to 5k, learning how to meditate our building strength. There are video guides for all strength workouts so you can perfect your form and master your technique.
You can also sweat to top chart music or play your very own Spotify playlists, whilst being motivated from start to finish by Auro’s world-class trainers.You can even pair your smartwatch or compatible heart rate monitor to track your workout metrics in real-time!

How can Auro support us with our fitness during this difficult time?
Staying fit not only keeps your body healthy but it also keeps your mind active and focused. It’s so important, now more than ever, to ensure that we all keep our body moving – even if that’s just for 10 minutes every day.

The luxury of Auro is that you don’t need to spend hours working out to feel great, our HIIT workouts have been carefully designed to ensure that you get the most from the short workouts. We’ve also recently added meditation classes to help ease the mind and focus on breathwork.

Gympass is a wellness platform that gives you access to a range of fitness facilities, gyms and digital wellbeing partners, including the audio fitness app Auro.

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