To become the best at what you do, it takes more than just skill and talent. Motivation and resilience are key to keep you going through the ups and downs of whatever goals you set. We hear from GB Athletes at GB Active about what keeps them going:

What keeps you motivated and able to keep giving 100%?

“ I enjoy what I do and the feeling of achieving something. Whether that be on a big scale like an international result, or a smaller one such as hitting a target time, or process goal of a session.” GB Kayaker Jon Boyton

“ What keeps me motivated is the excitement to realise my full potential and the sense of achievement and fulfilment I feel when I do.” GB Triple Jumper Michael Puplampu.

“My passion for canoeing and love of the sport keeps me highly motivated and the continuing sense of improvement and gains you get helps me to keep going.” GB Kayaker Matt Bowley

What inspires you to keep going when you’re feeling discouraged?

“Anyone who is willing to work hard and push beyond their limits to achieve something inspires me. It doesn’t matter what level they are working towards. I’m a big fan of work ethic.” Michael P.

Do you have any personal mantras that keep you going?

“The mind gives up before your body. Focus on what I need to do to get better, as opposed to how fast I’m going, taking a goal from an outcome goal to a process goal”. Jon B

“After missing out on the 2016 Olympics I really found it hard to find the energy and will to carry on the sport. I spent the whole summer avoiding the Olympics and wouldn’t even go on social media because it hurt too much to see friends I know out there enjoying and having fun. But when I was down I always tried to remember how far I’ve come and would tell myself “When you feel like giving up, remember why you started”  that sentence alone fuelled the fire to keep me going.” GB Long Jumper, Dan Bramble

What advice would you give to people to make their lives happier?

“ Enjoy and love what you do and eat right as that keeps you highly motivated and gives you a sense of improvement and gain. Fitness and exercise can be tough but if you make it fun and interactive you feel a lot happier about yourself. Same as nutrition. Try to remember that giving in to the wrong food will have a negative effect on your mind and outlook, and making the correct choice gives you a positive mind set about everything. ”
Matt B

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