If you’re not used to working out at home, you may not own any exercise equipment. There are some everyday items that can make great substitutes.

Here are a few household items you can use as exercise equipment:

Cans or water bottles

Weights, both heavy and light, are an at-home gym staple since they’re versatile and effective. If you don’t have regular dumbbells or weights at home, use cans or full bottles of water. They’re easy to hold, and even though they’re not that heavy, your arms will feel the burn after a while.


A broomstick

Exercise equipment like fitness sticks and Pilates poles are great for working on your balance and flexibility. Not a problem if you do not have one, you can turn to a broomstick. Try taking it overhead and behind you (make sure to listen to your body and not overdo it) to open up your shoulders and help improve your posture.


A chair


A chair is a simple workout substitute to practice stability and builds strength. If you’re into barre classes, hold onto the back of a chair to work on your balance and still get a tough workout in.


A pillow

Want to relax? Grab a pillow. Want to exercise? Grab a pillow! A pillow is a very versatile option for at-home workouts. When you need to find your center, use it as a meditation cushion. When you want to work your core, try placing it between your feet and grabbing it with your hands as you do leg raises.


A towel or blanket

Don’t have a yoga mat? Use a thick towel or blanket as a substitute. You won’t be able to do a lot of complex yoga poses, but it will give you a softer foundation for the basics, especially if you pair it with some grippy socks. Towels are also useful for an assisted stretch. A lot of stretches involving resistance bands can also be done using a towel.


A wall

You can always rely on a door or a wall. The sturdy surface is all you need to do wall-sits, which focus on strength training for your lower body.


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