Spending more time indoors means coming up with creative new ways to squeeze in regular physical exercise.


Aiming to get 10,000 steps in every day is a good place to start, and Gympass has some solutions for logging more steps as you work from home and limit your outside time. 

Here are four ideas to help you get your steps in at home:

Get moving with virtual workouts

There are several ways to stay active when you’re spending more time indoors, including live stream classes and workouts made for smaller spaces. If you’re an active Gympass user, access to our new digital wellness platform with at-home workouts, meditation resources, and more. Don’t have a lot of workout supplies at home? Check out which household items can double as effective gym equipment 

Fuel up away from your work

If you can, keep your workspace separate from where you prepare your snacks and lunches. That way, when you need to fuel up on a midday snack or refill your coffee or water bottle, you can get your steps in while also giving yourself a chance to recharge away from your workspace.

Do a tour of your home

Take time to visit every part of your home. If it helps, pick up things that are out of place and tidy up or do some stretches while you walk around. You’ll come back to your work refreshed and ready to focus. 

Save time to walk
Video call meetings and deadlines are probably better as desk duties, but there are likely a couple of things on your work schedule that could be paired with walking around the house. Need to brainstorm for an upcoming project? Research shows regular physical activity can boost creativity, so get your steps in and the ideas flowing with a walk around your place. 

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