Why Gympass are loving Burpees (and you should be too!)

Burpees. The word itself may bring fear to your mind and there is no fun way to do them. However, the Gympass team have been learning to love them and below are a few reasons why:

You get stronger

Burpees will develop strength throughout your entire body, the great thing about them is no muscle is left untouched. You will develop strength as your body will begin to fatigue and that is when you know the progress is being made!


Burpees work every muscle in your body, with no equipment, anytime, anywhere and for free! You can do them in your bedroom, at the park or even on holiday!

Improves your endurance 

Whilst all major muscle groups are being pushed, burpees also increase cardiovascular endurance. As you move all areas of the body quickly, you will find your heart rate rapidly increasing which will improve your threshold and anaerobic endurance.