Because a little act of kindness really does go a long way.

Let’s be real, we’re all craving a little kindness lately — it’s become more important than ever. 

Take a second and imagine you were having a bad day. One thing seems to go wrong after another: a cold morning shower, forgetting to pack a lunch for work, and finally getting stuck in traffic on your way home. 

As you’re sitting in your car waiting for the next stoplight to turn green, you think how nothing has been going smoothly. You glance over to the person in the car next to you. They lock eyes with you, smile shyly, and wave. You smile and wave back. 

Just like that, you forget about all of the things that went wrong — you finally feel good. That person’s smile is the only thing that you can remember from your not-so-ideal day. It’s little gestures like that that can really make a difference to someone. 

Gympass strives to help people feel good in every way. With that being said, we wanted to inspire you with some small acts of kindness. Keep these in your back pocket and hand them out freely to others. You never know who needs it most. 

A smile outshines all. 

💌 Let people you love know how much you love them

☕ Pay for the person’s cup-o-joe behind you

🍴 Donate canned food to a local shelter — there can never be too many donations!

😁 Tell someone how much you like their new haircut, shirt, smile, etc

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👛 Round up those extra cents at checkout where charity donations are accepted

📞 Give your friend or family a call and ask them how their day is going

💕 Know someone who’s having a rough week? Try writing out 30 things they might need to hear, putting them in a jar, and giving it to them. You can start with these prompts and change the “I AMs” to “YOU AREs”. Don’t be afraid to do this for yourself, too! 

👯 Ditch the phone when you’re out with your friends

👋 Say hello or wave to people walking past you in public

🍏 Ask your family if they want anything when you’re out at the store

🌞 Write someone a card for no reason (funny or heart-melting, you decide)

🌺 Bring flowers home for your partner

💵 Donate to a charity of your choice — it doesn’t need to be a lot

😊 Help someone pick up what they’ve dropped

🚪 Hold the door open for the next person behind you

🥗 Take hold of the dinner reigns and cook for your family or partner

🛒 Wheel your cart back to the grocery store when you’re done

👚 Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore 

📍 Send a job opening (or three!) to a friend who’s searching for a job

🎵 Let someone decide what music they want to listen to in your car

🍪 Bake and bring cookies to your neighbors for no reason

💞 End your day by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for. Kindness starts from within!

Now that’s the positivity that we love and need! Let these ideas inspire your actions, either towards others or yourself. Be kind everyday, because you never know who might need it most. 

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