When temperatures drop, your motivation to exercise might also take a plunge. Thankfully, there are plenty of indoor fitness classes and activities that allow you to exercise while staying warm and taking your mind off the chilly weather. Check out some of our favorite winter workouts below.

Hot yoga classes

As its name suggests, hot yoga brings on the heat. You’ll find your zen through various yoga poses in a toasty studio (think 80 to 100 degrees). The extra warmth will not only help you thaw out those frozen muscles, it will add a mental challenge to keep you focused long after your workout ends.

Spin classes

When it’s too cold to bike outside, it’s time to take your workout indoors! The rising popularity of spin and indoor cycling studios makes it easy for you to pedal it out in any weather. Gympass partner Flywheel Sports offers a convenient way to get your heart racing while on two wheels. Another perk: Most studios come with fun music and an energizing atmosphere that gets your blood pumping.

Treadmill classes

Group treadmill workouts consist of running routines full of speed intervals and incline changes. Whether you’re going for speed or distance (or both), treadmill studios like Gympass partner Mile High Run Club reject the notion that running on the so-called “dreadmill” has to be boring. 

Boxing classes

It’s easy to stay warm when you’re boxing it out. Combat-focused fitness takes mental and physical endurance, so whether you’re shadowboxing, punching a bag, or even taking on some light sparring, you’ll get an effective full-body workout

Dance classes

There’s nothing better than a high-intensity dance workout to shake away the winter blues. From Zumba to hip-hop classes and everything in between, you’ll get your body moving and your heart pumping in a way that will make you forget it’s even cold outside. 

Whatever the weather is outside, Gympass has you covered with gym partners ready to help you reach your fitness goals. If your company offers Gympass, start your 7-day trial and access our network of thousands of gyms today.