To kick off the new year, we’re launching our #CheckInTo2020 campaign, a 7-day challenge to help you make small incremental changes so you can crush your long-term wellness goals in 2020. Throughout January, we’ll remind you to check into and be mindful of all the things that keep you healthy, from your friends to your water intake. 

We’ll be rooting you by sharing pics of your check-ins all month long, so be sure to follow Gympass on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and post about your progress with the hashtags #CheckInTo2020 and #gympass. 

Check out all the exciting check-ins we’ll be guiding you through below.

Check-in on your why

To start your #CheckInTo2020 journey, decide on your fitness and wellness goals and why you want to achieve them. Take time to set intentions for 2020 and reflect on how these targets you’re setting for yourself will improve your day-to-day life.

Check into your happy place

Find an activity or hobby that makes you happy and give yourself time to truly enjoy it. You may love the way working out makes you feel or appreciate the community that comes with your weekend hobby. Whatever the reason, start 2020 by visiting your happy place, and continue to check in throughout the year.

Check-in with a friend

Your friends can be your cheerleaders as you strive toward your goals. Get the encouragement you need by working out with a co-worker or checking in with your community by catching up with a friend over the phone.

Check into something new

At Gympass, we love helping you find a new activity to love. Face your fears in 2020 by trying a workout you’ve never done before or heading to a gym that’s not on your usual exercise circuit. 

Check-in on your water intake

Hydration is crucial before, during, and after a workout. Carry a reusable bottle with you to remind yourself to drink more water throughout the day. Staying hydrated can keep you energized, help prevent muscle cramps, and aid digestion.

Check into your ingredients

Kick-off the year by checking in on your fuel for 2020. Prepare for your workouts by making sure your lunches are nutrient-packed and filled with ingredients like leafy greens, fruit, and whole grains.

Check into yourself

This challenge is all about you! To close out #CheckInTo2020, find something that helps you practice self-care. You could check into a yoga or meditation class, or add something to your routine that keeps you grounded, like journaling or unplugging from your devices.

We can’t wait to see your check-ins and progress as we work together to make 2020 the best year yet! And we hope you find a workout to love along the way. If your company offers Gympass, start your free 7-day trial to participate in the #CheckInTo2020 challenge.