The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and life is springing back into action. There’s no better time for a family workout

Even better, Gympass offers dependent plans for your spouses and children to enjoy our network of fitness resources.* With this unique offering, loved ones can choose from the same plans that are offered to account holders and enter a whole world of wellbeing. 

No matter your loved one’s fitness levels, getting active together is a valuable opportunity to inspire each other to live healthier lives. Read how Gympass partner apps have options for every family to feel closer through fitness this spring and summer. 

For more ways to put a wellbeing spin on family bonding, check out our other partner apps. Create your Gympass account and enjoy everything from workouts to therapy, to healthy recipes all on one platform. 


Family bonding looks and feels different to everyone. That’s why NEOU has something for every family to love. Their kid-friendly, safe workouts are geared for children ages 4-12, but the whole gang is welcome (and encouraged to) get involved. 

NEO Kids classes are 10-20 minutes long, focusing on functional, bodyweight workouts that parents and children can enjoy together. Not only will your little ones learn the value of exercise, but they will also be entertained, encouraged, and engaged from beginning to end. 


Rick Richey, DHSc, MS, co-owner of RēCOVER and a youth exercise specialist says

“Children are highly impressionable and asking them to do a few exercises with you throughout the week can help them understand that fitness, exercise, and family bonding can go together.”

Sworkit kids’ workouts do just that. Their variety of fun, kid-friendly classes release energy, increase focus, and get the giggles out. Plus, they are always free. 

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Sworkit’s exercises are tailored for each age group from 4-18 years old and range from ‘Kids Yoga,’ to ‘Stretch It Out,’ to custom workouts. Just remember to keep these activities fun for everyone involved:

 “The moment it turns into what the kids could have done better, should have done, can’t do, is the moment they imprint in their minds that this isn’t for them,” says Richey. 

Whether you supervise your child or join in on the action, it’s sure to be a bonding experience you won’t forget. 


It’s never too early to learn downward dog or tree pose. Yogaia, an online coaching platform, has specific classes designed for kids, expecting moms, and the whole family. Classes include ‘Pregnancy Yoga with Greta Lai,’ ‘Movement for the Family with Hermione,’ ‘Baby Massage & Postnatal Yoga,’ plus many more. 

Taking the time to get physically active as a family outside or with Gympass will encourage children (no matter their age) to prioritize healthy living, create consistent habits, and build teamwork skills. Take this weekend to connect with loved one’s through fitness, and create (sweaty) memories to last a lifetime. 

*Eligibility to add dependents to Gympass accounts varies from company to company. Please be sure to check if your company currently allows employees to add dependents.