Look, we’re never going to get on here and tell anyone they have to be a morning person. For some people, not uttering a word to others before 9am and rolling right from bed to meetings is a way of life, and we respect that. But, there are undeniable benefits of having a morning routine, and finding ways to achieve one without being a morning person at all.

Let’s go over some productive habits to add to your nighttime routine to make those early mornings *a little* less rough.  

1. Lay it all out… 

…and by “it”, we mean everything you can possibly lay out in order to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Lay out your outfit, open up to the next page of your gratitude journal, pre-program your coffee machine – the point is, be prepared, because you will not want to do any of these things in your groggy state.

2. Meal prep exciting options for the morning 

Hey, if you’re planning on getting up with the sun, you might as well have something good to look forward to. 

Make-ahead breakfasts (like #3 and #6 in this peanut butter roundup from MealPrepPro) are a great way to use the time and energy you have at night to fuel the time and energy you don’t have in the morning. 

peanut butter chia pudding

(Source: MealPrepPro

Get creative with your breakfast meal prep, and remember that breakfast doesn’t have to be composed of “breakfast foods”. Have that leftover chicken you made for dinner last night, who’s gonna stop you? 

3. Write a to-do list (and tackle some of it)

It’s tempting to pack it up for the day after work and kick back with something good to watch or read. But these precious PM hours can actually be a great time to get your list out of your brain and onto paper, and maybe even knock off a couple of items once you’re at it. 

Have a million work projects for the upcoming week running through your mind? Write them down (yes, with a pen and paper!) in the order you want to do them, and then move on. Really need a grocery trip to fill up on the essentials? Get that out of the way post-work.

Freeing up space mentally and limiting time-sensitive tasks opens up your morning to be a time for you, and a great time to do the things you want to do rather than rushing to do the things you have to do. 

4. Create a clean space to wake up to in the morning 

Mornings can feel hectic enough as it is without the added chaos of a disorganized space. 

Take time at night to tidy up – put away that laundry that’s been sitting out for days, load the dishwasher, organize your workspace

Trust us, when that alarm goes off, you’ll feel a lot lighter emerging into a space that’s free of clutter. Plus, you can use all of that nice, clean space to set the stage for your morning routine. 

Maybe it’s floor space to take a yoga class, or a fresh kitchen to enjoy breakfast in – consider your clean space a blank slate for all of your morning activities.   

5. Go to sleep!

Even the best-laid morning plan can fall to the wayside when you’re lacking Zzzs. You’ve committed to a morning routine, now do yourself a favor and get some shuteye. That last TikTok scroll is rarely worth it. Plus, with all the time you’ll have to be productive in the morning, you can pencil in a little pre-workday scrolling, too.   

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