Spring is in the air, summer is quickly approaching, and outdoor workouts are back and here to stay. After a long, cold winter, it’s time to embrace the sunshine and try new ways to get in some daily movement. 

We believe there is more than one way to break a sweat. If you’re bored with your traditional fitness routine, here are some of our favorite non-conventional ways to move your body while soaking in some Vitamin D.

Roller Skating/Rollerblading 🛼

Picture this: you’re a little kid gliding down your driveway on a pair of roller skates with the wind blowing in your face, and not a care in the world. Remember that feeling?

Roller skating or blading is a nostalgic and fun way to get outdoors and use every muscle in your body. Not only do you get to rock a fun pair of skates, but you also get substantial health benefits from this outdoor activity. 

World of Health says roller skating, inline skating, and rollerblading strengthen your heart, improve your balance and coordination, and serve as an effective form of strength training. Also, all forms of skating are low-impact and therefore, easy on your joints.

Rock Climbing 🧗 

Unlike repetitive exercises like running, biking, and rowing, rock climbing is a dynamic activity that is never the same. Since every route and surface is different, your mind and body are constantly being challenged by varying heights. According to Jiří Baláš, climbing and bouldering (climbing on low rock formations without a rope) work “nearly the whole body’s musculature.” 

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Even better, a study conducted by the University of North Florida found that the balance and neuromuscular coordination required for exercises like climbing can help improve one’s working memory and other cognitive functions. 

Climbing walls, both indoors and outdoors, have routes with varying degrees of difficulty so no matter your skill level, you can give it a go!

Hiking 🥾

The crunching of leaves below your feet, the rustling of trees overhead, the sound of streams running in the distance… Hiking is the perfect way to spend time connecting with nature while reaping the health benefits of a whole-body workout. Whether you explore a trail or climb a mountain, there is an emotional relief that comes with stepping away from technology and doing something that grounds you (literally). 

Moreover, hiking can help fight against osteoporosis by strengthening your bones and decreasing the risk of them breaking. Other benefits include decreasing anxiety, keeping your mind sharp, and improving cardiovascular health

Lastly, spending time outdoors forges a healthy relationship with nature that promotes sustainability, ethical living, and treating the earth kindly. 

Trampolining 🤸‍♀️ 

When was the last time you experienced the joy of jumping on a trampoline? Trampoline exercises have recently become a popular form of low-impact cardio that works your whole body. There are different types of trampolining from ‘rebounding’ on mini-trampolines like Goldie Hawn to jumping on a traditional outdoor one you grew up loving. 

Embrace your inner child and find a new way to spend time in nature with outdoor workouts that are sure to get your blood pumping. 

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Other ideas for taking your workout outdoors include: kayaking, double dutch, biking, skateboarding…the list goes on! 

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