Here at Gympass, we have several dads to celebrate for Father’s Day. 

We chatted with Ray Lin, Senior Director of Global Enterprise Growth, and Jonas Kühner, Global Senior Brand Director, about spending quality family time while staying home more, creating Father’s Day traditions, and taking on the role of Dad.

Check out what they had to say below.

What are your favorite things to do with your kids?

Jonas loves playing video games and with Hot Wheels with his son. They also run around a lot and race each other, since his son is always trying to be faster than his dad. Ray enjoys going on walks with his 10-month-old daughter Sasha on his shoulders and exploring local parks. Sasha loves books, so he reads to her often, and his family recently purchased an infant bike seat so they can go on bike rides together.

While we continue to adjust to social distancing and spending more time at home due to COVID-19, how have you found ways to spend quality time together?

For many families, spending more time at home means involving the kids more in the everyday routines. Ray said that if he wants to exercise while Sasha is awake, he brings her in on the fun by holding her for “baby weight squats” and “baby arm curls.” Sasha also gets to experience what it’s like to prepare a family dinner — she often gets strapped into the baby carrier while the family cooks (away from the stove of course). 

Jonas has established quality time with his son in the mornings. He makes sure to wake up early so they can have some family time before his busy workday. His son loves to dance and be active, so Jonas uses NEOU’s NEO Kids content to change things up and keep it fun.

Do you have any traditions for Father’s Day?

Jonas is based in Brazil, which celebrates Father’s Day in August. His go-to tradition is for the family to cook and enjoy a special lunch together like barbecue. 

Ray is in the U.S., and will be celebrating his first Father’s Day this month. He plans on celebrating with a “Zoom party,” but hopes to start a tradition in the future where he and his daughter go on a bike ride every year for her birthday.

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Whether it’s getting up earlier than usual or including the little ones in your everyday routine, both dads know the importance of being flexible and getting creative when it comes to cherishing the time they get to spend with their kids. 

“Especially as a first-time dad, I think it’s a good moment to reflect on this really important (arguably now the most important) title I’ve taken on,” Ray said. “I’m very proud that it’s now part of my identity, and I’ll take the day to just appreciate that.”