Everyone finds zen a unique way: through yoga, sleeping, reading a book, going to the beach, etc. Whatever makes you feel most relaxed, cultivating the inner space to feel good is vital for physical and mental wellbeing. 

If you haven’t tried meditation, it can be daunting to sit with yourself and your thoughts. But, not all meditation programs are made equally. 

Our partner apps are here to be your meditation guides. Discover how to carve out time in your day for mindfulness and connect to your truest self for a more present, stress-free life. 

Our meditation and mindfulness partner apps, including those featured below, make it easy to make feeling good a priority. Gympass has fitness, nutrition, mental health, and habit-building resources for holistic wellbeing. Sign up today and find the plan that moves with you. 

Find your Calm

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of Harry Styles’s voice? If not, then with Calm you can drift peacefully into a deep snooze while listening to sleep stories with famous voices you’ll instantly recognize. 

As the #1 app for meditation, relaxation, and sleep, they have hundreds of hours of content to combat mental health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Their guided meditations range from 3-60 minutes, so you can fit mindfulness in your day no matter how busy your schedule is. 

Chill Anywhere, seriously

Created by corporate executives looking to add some calm into their lives, Chill Anywhere makes it easy for working professionals to live more relaxed lives. 

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Their meditation sessions led by world-class instructors can be done in groups or 1:1, depending on your preference. Popular themes highlighted include stress management, focus, creativity, and leadership. Whether you’re a CEO or a nurse, you can benefit from Chill Anywhere’s daily live and on-demand meditations for a more productive, zen you. 

Be present with Prezence 

Being present is important both inside and outside of the meditation practice. That’s why Prezence offers daily mindfulness for everyone to form a better relationship with themselves, others, and technology. Their guided sessions are carefully curated by their professional guides and can be done anywhere, at any time. 

In the morning and evening, Prezence encourages you to take pauses as short as 30 seconds, accompanied by journaling. Those moments of reflection, no matter how quick they are, help you recenter, reflect, and ruminate on what is going on around you and within you. 

Try out Prezence and create the space for living intentionally, even when chaos surrounds you.  

Wellness Coach for the win 

Need help drifting to sleep? Struggling to stay focused? Experience life-changing live and on-demand meditation classes for a better mind, body, and sleep with Wellness Coach. Their prominent coaches from acclaimed universities and the medical field guide you to improve your overall health, mentally and physically. 

Some of their unique features include bedtime stories for adults and children, music sessions, and content with Lindsay Vonn, an Olympic skater. There’s more to discover when you download Wellness Coach through Gympass. 

Zen out 

Everyone’s wellbeing experience looks (and feels) different. No matter where you are on your journey, Zen can help you find the inner peace you’ve been searching for. 

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Their variety of offerings includes programs for personal development, transforming grief, kickstarting self-care, in addition to guided meditations and music. Through Zen’s music, stories, and daily therapy, you can overcome any challenge thrown your way.

Sound up with Synctuition 

Meditation can feel overwhelming, but a 25-minute listening session of Synctuition’s 3D sound has the same effect as 4-hours of regular deep meditation. Pretty cool, huh? 

Their powerful binaural meditations and guided inner-reflections diminish stressful, anxious feelings with a mind travel experience. 3D sound goes far beyond traditional meditation to provide a full-body sensation for clarity of mind, body, and mood. Shut your eyes, turn up the volume, and tune out the world with Synctuition.