Mood-boosting morning tips for a brighter start to your day 🌞

Beep. Beep. BEEP.

Snooze alarm. Snooze it again. Roll over with a groan. Slide into your coziest slippers and brew your favorite cup of joe. Comfortably familiar? Yes, but something seems a bit… off. 

Your morning routine, as beloved as it might feel, may not be delivering the boost of energy you really need to start your day on a high note.

Routines, at their root, are habitual. They bring us a sense of security and comfort during our days. Though it’s normal for routines to be pretty similar day to day, they should be flexible enough to flow and change with you as you need. 

Maybe your morning routine isn’t bringing as much joy as it could be, and we’re here to help you change that. 

Start your day with some you-time.

Once you snooze your alarm, leave your phone alone. A lot of us get in the habit of feeling like we have to check our phones right when we wake up. In reality, though, those emails, texts, and social media feeds can probably (read: definitely) wait a little longer. Instead, take this time to do a 5-minute meditation, journal, or say some positive affirmations while the day is still calm. 

Spring cleaning who? Let’s normalize tidying up. Whether it’s making your bed or organizing your desk before work, starting off with a clean and tidy space can boost your energy and prepare you for the day.

Eat something that excites your taste buds. We all have our favorite quick and easy breakfasts and go-to beverages in the morning   keep those close, but don’t be afraid to venture out. Swap your banana peanut butter toast for a delicious avocado toast. Steep some caffeinated earl grey tea instead of your usual cup of coffee. Get creative and mix it up a little!

Get you and your mood moving. We are a fitness and wellbeing company, so it makes sense that we believe in moving your body. Exercising early on in the day sets the tone and helps you feel energized. It doesn’t have to involve uber-sweaty cardio (unless that’s what you love) it can be a relaxing yoga session or a walk, too. Whatever feels good to you and your body is good for us!

Show your day some love. Organize your schedule for the day and outline goals you want to accomplish. Be sure to be realistic about this! Having somewhat of a to-do list takes the excess focus off of what needs to be done and allows you to better allocate your time to complete your goals.

Keep in mind…

Your morning routine is YOUR morning routine! Do what feels best for you and don’t be afraid to try new things. If you want even more tips for loving mornings, check out this blog here.

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