You’ve probably hit up a few HIIT classes, but have you tried a HILIT class? HILIT is a different approach to HIIT that’s all about low-impact exercises. 

Here’s what you should know:

What is HILIT?

HILIT stands for high-intensity, low-impact training. In other words, it’s a great option for fitness fanatics who love high-intensity intervals, but also want to go easy on their joints.

New York studio Rowgatta offers HILIT bootcamp classes that feature rowing and resistance training intervals. Their mission is to deliver a tough, full-body workout that’s safe and beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels.

“It delivers all those benefits of HIIT, but in a way that also promotes longevity,” Rowgatta co-founder and coach Nadav Ben-Chanoch told Gympass.

Is HILIT as effective as HIIT?

HILIT maintains that high-intensity component of HIIT so you’re definitely going to still feel the burn. Rowing, in particular, is a strenuous full-body workout when done correctly, and at Rowgatta, the coaches are all about encouraging trainees to drive harder on the rower rather than go faster.

“If you do the workout as we prescribe it, you’re going to have to really dig deep and create that power on the machine,” Ben-Chanoch said.

New York studio Rowgatta offers HILIT bootcamp classes with rowing and resistance training intervals. (Credit: @MatteoPhotographs)

If you’re thinking the intensity of a HILIT workout is too much for you, you can still apply modifications, just like a HIIT class. At Rowgatta, everyone has their own base pace to start from when they really want to push themselves.

“Your base pace and somebody else’s base pace could be totally different,” Ben-Chanoch said.

Why is HILIT becoming so popular?

HIIT workouts have been trendy for a while, but HILIT is quickly becoming a popular fitness option. Ben-Chanoch suggested we’re seeing a rise in HILIT workouts because people are focused on recovery and longevity now more than ever, whether through stretching studios or cryotherapy chambers.

“People are learning that if you’re going to go really hard, you better figure out a way to recover,” Ben-Chanoch said.

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