Your workout plans might include leg day and arm day, but have you thought about adding Heart Day to your fitness regimen? In honor of Valentine’s Day, Gympass is highlighting the many ways you can maintain a healthy heart. Here are six habits that can help improve heart health, because if you truly want a full-body workout, you can’t forget about Heart Day.

Get active

Studies show that regular physical activity is crucial to building a stronger heart. Incorporating cardio exercises, like swimming or jumping rope, into your fitness routine will make sure you’re consistently boosting your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular system. Not in the mood for an intense workout? Even just briskly walking for 30 minutes has been shown to improve heart health. 

Keep track with wearable tech

Get more in tune with your body by monitoring your heart rate with one of the many wearable tech accessories on the market. Keeping track of your heart rate while you’re at rest and while you’re on the go gives you a better idea of how hard you’re working out and how hard you need to push yourself to reach that next level.

Catch some zzz’s

Good sleep is vital if you want a healthy heart. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who don’t get enough sleep (at least seven hours every night) are more likely to report having health problems that could raise their risk of heart disease. To get a better night’s sleep, try creating a nighttime routine or unplugging from your devices a few hours before you head to bed. Your heart will thank you later. 

Make sure you’re eating enough heart-healthy foods

Excessive amounts of sugar, sodium, saturated fats, and highly processed foods have been linked to health risks that can harm your heart. That doesn’t mean your daily menu can’t include any of these things. It’s more about eating them in moderation, and alongside heart-healthy foods like berries, leafy greens, and whole grains. 

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Dedicate time to see your doctor and get regular physicals

We know life can get busy, but it’s important to make time in your busy schedule to get regular physicals. These check-ups will give your doctor a chance to check your heart rate, learn more about your lifestyle, and chat about any health concerns. When you know more about your health status, especially your heart health, it’s easier to make more informed choices about your body.

Avoid stress by spending time with family and friends

Stress can do a number on your health, including your heart. According to the American Heart Association, excessive stress may be linked to high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can increase your risk for heart disease. On the other hand, it’s been proven that spending time with people you care about can help you avoid stress, so make sure you’re getting enough time with family and friends. Not only will your heart be full, but it might also even be healthier for it. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gympass! We have so much love for our users who are dedicated to defeating inactivity. If your company offers Gympass, start your 7-day free trial today and see what it’s like to access thousands of gyms with just one simple membership.