📢 A reminder you might need to hear.

Before we dive in, let’s start with the most important statement of all: not breaking a sweat does NOT = a workout, walk, dance session, or class wasted. There’s no such thing as a workout that “isn’t good enough”, because just showing up is enough.

From time to time, we all put pressure on ourselves to give our exercise 100% of us. In reality, giving that 100% can be pretty unrealistic. 

Our bodies feel different every day just like we do. One day, you may be able to run miles on end, and then only walk for 5 minutes the next – and that is 100% okay. What’s really important is that we tune into our bodies, listen to how we feel, and respond appropriately so that we stay safe and sane.

One day doesn’t define you!

Our fitness and wellbeing journey is called a journey for a reason. Just like anything else in life, there will be all types of days. If you find yourself getting to the gym and leaving within a couple of minutes, that’s okay. Tomorrow will be a new chance to get moving and listen to what you want and need. 

It’s that motivation and persistence that helps you reach your goals when you look at your journey as a whole. You won’t be remembering that one day you were too tired to get moving. Rather, you’ll see your personal progress, inside and out, and be proud of how far you’ve come.

Try to let go of any fear and guilt surrounding exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be strict and inflexible we believe that so much that it’s ingrained in the core of Gympass’ mission. We strive to make fitness more enjoyable, energizing, and uplifting by allowing you to try a plethora of different activities. What you’re interested in will change as you do! Loving an activity is what makes exercise fun. 

It would be silly to just do cardio even though you hate it, right? Or to work out at 5AM every day even on days that you’re dreading it. There’s no need to feel bad about straying from your routine we actually commend that. As long as you remain driven to continue working towards your goals, that’s exactly where you’ll go. 

Do what your future self would be proud of 😄

Whether that’s doing an extra rep, penciling in a rest day, or taking it easy, always remind yourself that this is a journey. Keep your goals at the forefront, and the rest will follow.

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