Between shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, visiting family, and avoiding travel delays, the holiday hustle and bustle leaves little time for sticking to your usual exercise plans. When it comes to achieving your fitness goals during this hectic time of year, it’s all about being versatile and getting creative. Here’s how to make time for working out this holiday season.

Prepare ahead of time

The key to defeating last-minute workout doubts is planning ahead. Before the holidays are in full swing, decide how your fitness goals fit in your schedule so you can book classes and pack the right clothes and equipment. Instead of worrying about how to make time for working out, you’ll be completely prepared to crush your next workout.

Make it social

The holidays often mean spending more time with family and friends — so include them in your workout plans! Connect with a friend back home and sign up for a workout class together or take a walk outside with your family after breakfast. Being in good company will make reaching your fitness goals more festive and fun.

Maximize your workout time

Effective workouts aren’t always long ones. Boxing, HIIT, and circuit training classes are great options for when you’re short on time, but still want your holiday workout to pack a punch. That will leave you plenty of time to buy gifts, bake holiday goodies, and make the most of the season.

Try new things

Traveling during the holidays means leaving your local gym behind for a few days. With Gympass, you have the freedom to visit gyms and fitness studios all over the world. Take this opportunity to book a class you’ve never taken before. If you make time for working out and trying something different, you might just find a new workout you love.

Be kind to yourself

Working toward your fitness goals is about more than working out; it’s about making yourself a priority. That might mean spending extra time with friends and family, staying in and watching holiday movies, or even buying yourself a gift (you totally deserve it). Once you get back to your regular schedule after the holidays, you’ll be recharged and ready to hit the ground running in the new year.

Happy holidays from the Gympass family to yours! If your company offers Gympass, start your 7-day free trial to explore thousands of gyms and find a workout you love.

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