Studies show that meditation helps reduce stress, manage anxiety, and improve overall emotional health. But because there are so many different styles and techniques, meditation for beginners can be challenging. We’ve put together some helpful tips for meditation rookies that will convince you to add more “me time” to your wellness routine. 

Don’t be afraid to explore

There are several meditation styles and methods that can align with your goals, whether you’re striving for mindfulness, wanting to focus on a specific mantra or breathing technique, or aiming to connect more with your mind and body. It’s important to try out different meditation styles to understand what works best for you. Think of it as a time to dedicate to yourself and learn something new.

Customize your meditation prep

Meditation for beginners can seem difficult, but you can make it easier by establishing a routine that you enjoy. Try to meditate at the same time or in the same place every day. You can also try journaling before every meditation. Once you make meditating a habit and customize your process, it’s more likely to become a regular part of your wellness routine.

Concentrate on your breath and how it affects your body

As a beginner, it’s helpful to focus on your breath and body and how one influences the other. Your mind may wander often, but don’t sweat it. Simply bring your attention back to your breath and back to the intentions you set for the meditation.

Set realistic goals and expectations

It’s crucial to set realistic goals so you can look forward to practicing your meditation techniques. Want to meditate every day, but can’t fit it into your schedule? Try every other day for now. Looking to meditate for longer periods of time? Work your way up and start with 5-minute meditations. In the world of meditation for beginners, there are plenty of options to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t be hard on yourself

If you’re stressed about meditating, you’re missing the point. Like all your other workouts, your meditation practice should be about your progress, and no else’s. So if you can’t stick to your routine or find yourself more distracted than usual during a meditation session, don’t get frustrated. Take time for you however you need to. 

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