More restful sleep makes for better moods aheadGympass member Alexis Eggleton is no stranger to trying new things on Gympass. She’s visited in-person gyms with us, sweated it out at studios with us, worked 1:1 with virtual personal trainers, and delved into the world of guided meditation. One might say she’s pretty experienced when it comes to Gympass, so when it came to her sleep, she knew there’d be a solution to discover within the platform.  

For when sleep doesn’t come easy 

Alexis is accustomed to a right-on-the-money 7-9 hours of sleep per night. But, when she finds herself falling out of that A+ routine, she’s found that Gympass partner Calm holds the key to falling asleep or, in the event of an untimely wakeup, falling back to sleep.  

With their abundance of expertly-created sleep stories and meditation sessions, Calm is rich with resources that facilitate restful and uninterrupted snoozing.

Calm also, as Eggleton notes, provides a much needed respite from hectic digital days. “Working remotely means that I spend all of my time in front of computer screens,” she shares. “It’s nice to be able to turn off the screens and fall asleep with the audio from the Calm app.”

More restful sleep allows more clarity to do things we love

More than just better Zzzs

Getting a good night’s rest does a lot more for us than meets the (shut)eye. 

“For me, sleep impacts everything,” says Eggleton. “If I’m not well-rested, I’m much more likely to skip my workout, ditch my healthy menu plan, and it definitely causes me to be less patient with my colleagues or my family, and that’s not good for anyone!”

Adequate sleep  helps us avoid getting sick, curb stress, and it allows us to come at our daily tasks with a clearer head – and that’s just a few benefits from the laundry list.

Alexis also shared that she notices improvements in her “exercise performance, mental acuity, and memory” when she’s getting better, sounder sleep.

Alexis’ wellbeing journey is fueled by the desire to “live a full, active, and healthy life,” and Calm is one way that Alexis strives for that with Gympass.  


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