Everyone’s health journey looks and feels different (and it’s important not to compare yours to someone else’s). But, the highs and lows on the path to wellbeing may be more universal than you think. 

Take members Jesus Avila and Brittany Nolan. They both found Gympass through their different employers at a time when they were eager to make a change in their lifestyles. Signing up for Gympass catapulted their desire to make fitness a priority and try new things

This program sort of fell into my lap when I received the offer in my work email and I felt it was a sign I needed to sign up now or I’ll never start,” says Nolan. 

Hear their stories and feel inspired to start a physical and mental health journey of your own. 

A Gympass plan opens up a world of unlimited wellbeing. Pick a plan and try top-notch gyms, personal training, and premium apps  — all at your fingers. No contracts, no extra fees, just feeling good. 

What was the light bulb moment that pushed you to make a change in your lifestyle?

Avila: “I first realized that I needed to set some health goals when the everyday activities started to get difficult. The weight gain, the self-doubts, depression; I knew I needed to start a new journey. One day in the lobby of the hospital there was a Gympass booth. I went over and signed up right away. That’s when I found a nearby gym – it started my transformation.”

Nolan: “I knew I wanted to start keeping up with my overall physical health when I went from 15,000+ steps a day working in the hospital to working a sedentary job remotely from home.”

What gyms and apps do you use the most? Have you tried any of our personal trainers?

Avila: “Ever since I joined Gympass I’ve had great experiences at many gyms in town and out of town. Especially at Hardline Athletics and even started taking some Jiu-Jitsu at Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu. Both of these gyms have help me with my confidence and my depression my self-esteem is fantastic. Every time I leave the gym I feel wonderful and ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way. I am so grateful that day I stop by the Gympass booth and signed up.”

Nolan: “I have used the live group workout videos while the pandemic had shut gyms down which helped tremendously from falling off a routine, but as soon as they opened up I went straight back. I have attended Charter and Life Time so far. My favorite has been Life Time’s Amp Cycle and HIIT classes, those have both been game changers for me. If you sign up for a class and do not show up, they will mark you down. I needed that accountability to keep me going. I intend on checking more gyms out in the future since I have so much more access to explore!”

What have you learned so far on your wellbeing journey? 

Avila: “I have learned that nothing is impossible as long as you put effort into what you’re doing. The journey might be hard but it’s always worth it.”

Nolan: “I learned to be very patient and that if I want long term results, I need to take it week by week. I thought I was going to be in pristine shape overnight, but it’s been 7 months so far and there is still so much to learn and grow!”

Can you share a few tips for someone looking to adapt to a healthier lifestyle?

Avila: “For anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle, Gympass is a great resource to get you started. You could explore and fine adventure at many of the gyms they offer. It’s not always easy we all strive to live healthier live longer and stronger. Take it one day at a time one class one session and always make time for yourself. We all live busy lives with our families and work. We must find that inner peace and also the inner beast. One more round, one more rep, one more wod, one more roll. Just get out there and give 100%.”

Nolan: “Remember the keyword “lifestyle” it’s not just a program you do for 4 weeks and you’re finished. I feel like I have come so far, but also have such a long way to go. It will also be hard at first to get into the habit, but once you find your right routine, you will be so excited to keep coming back for those results! This will also be the best monetary deal you can get for all the gyms you have access to (which is what sold me), so take advantage! Lastly, start this journey for you, don’t join it depending on finding a friend to go everyday or be scared to go alone. Once I decided to go to that first class by myself for myself, I never stopped going back and it was the best decision I ever made!”