At Gympass, we believe every day should focus on promoting and improving mental health. 

Mental Health Action Day, founded by MTV, is a special opportunity to shine a bright spotlight on feeling good from the inside out, and encourage taking positive steps towards holistic wellbeing. 

To celebrate the day, we sat down with Selena Lael from Wellness Coach and Christina Jax, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT, RYT from Lifesum on Instagram live to hear tips and practices for promoting mindfulness. In case you missed it, read below for a recap of these insightful conversations. 

Up first, a full-body scan

No, not like an MRI. A body scan is a meditation and relaxation technique that helps you increase your awareness and release stress. During the practice, you scan different parts of your body from head to toe, spending one or more breath cycles to feel the sensation of that body part during the inhale, and then exhale any tension. 

Selena Lael from Wellness Coach joined us from her home in Hawaii to lead a 10-minute body scan. Lael wears many hats as a meditation and yoga instructor, transformational coach, and an awakened life teacher. 

Lael describes how body scans can be done during any time of day, but are especially helpful before bed, or before a nerve-wracking event to calm the mind and nervous system

Wellness Coach, one of our incredible partner apps, includes a variety of resources for meditation, mindfulness, movement, yoga, fitness, sleep, and nutrition – just to name a few. 


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Put down the phone, pick up mindful eating 

We’ve all been there: you’re scrolling through social media, eating a meal, and suddenly, your bowl is empty but you don’t remember even finishing the food. Christina Jax from Lifesum promotes powering down during meal times and instead, focusing on each delicious bite. 

Jax is a yoga instructor and dietician, with experience in the science of mindful eating. She describes it as “just being present while you eat,” and “focusing on your food and how it makes you feel.” Most importantly, she wants everyone to remember the joy of food

To practice mindfulness during breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time, she shares these tips: 

  1. Start with bringing attention to foods that make you feel the best, not just those that your taste buds enjoy.
  2. Give yourself different textures, colors, and flavors to experience with every sense. Jax says: “Satisfying all of our sensory experience is part of mindful eating.”
  3. Make some of your food visually appealing vs. only eating out of function – we eat with our eyes too! 
  4. Really chew your food and savor each bite. Slow eating is helpful for both mindfulness and your digestion. 
  5. Try to find something enjoyable to look at while you eat, even if it’s a plant!
  6. Eating with a community is important. Invite a friend or family over, set aside any devices, and enjoy the present moment. 
  7. Don’t eat while you doom scroll. Take time away from work, social media, and texting to simply eat.  

Celebrating food and giving ourselves self-care through eating helps us holistically feel good every day. Next time you catch yourself eating at your desk during work or feeling bored with your meals, try the above recommendations for mindful eating and see how it makes your mind, body, and mood feel. 

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Lifesum, one of our premium nutrition partner apps, simplifies healthy living. Their personalized meal plans, delicious recipes, and variety of options for different food preferences help you achieve your wellbeing goals. 

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