When the magic of the holidays and New Year’s Eve comes to an end, some people experience disappointment and sometimes even depression as they transition back to their normal schedules and lives. 

This experience is commonly known as the post-holiday blues or a post-holiday funk, and it commonly occurs throughout the first few weeks of the year. If you’re feeling this way, here’s how to cope:

Channel the magic of the holidays

Take some time to learn what you miss most about the holidays. Is it the time spent with friends and family? The spirit of giving? Whatever it is, bring it with you into the new year. Connect with family far away by setting time aside to talk on the phone or chat on a video call. Give back to your community by volunteering or hosting a donation drive.

Put something fun on the calendar

Make sure you have something to look forward to by making plans with friends, family, or just yourself. It can be as small as splurging on your favorite dinner or having friends over, or it can be as big as a getaway vacation. Anticipating the next fun thing on your calendar can help alleviate those post-holiday blues. 

Get your body moving

Exercise has been proven to improve your mood and ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Book a workout class or bundle up and take a long walk outside (spending time outdoors has also been shown to reduce stress!). Working out is a great social or solo activity, so invite friends to tag along or spend this time focusing on yourself. It’s your choice!

Focus on your New Year’s resolution

When you’re ready, turn your attention from the past to the future by focusing on your New Year’s resolution. This will give you a project to work on that’s just for you and no one else. Whether you want to work out more, eat healthier, budget more effectively, or dedicate more time to self-care, your New Year’s resolution represents a chance for new beginnings.

If you continue to feel sad, angry, lonely, or depressed, what you’re experiencing might be more than the post-holiday blues. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend, family member, or doctor and tell them how you’re feeling. 

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