Fabulous is a wellbeing partner app that uses behavioral science to help people make smart changes and build healthy habits. Read their tips for developing and maintaining healthy habits this spring. 

Blooming flowers, sunny skies, and a refreshing dose of rainfall. Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start.

We designed Fabulous to help people make positive shifts that stick. Our habit-building programs built by behavioral scientists help you eat better, exercise more, and procrastinate less. Just download our free-to-use app and spring into your fresh start.

Start with one small change 🥤

One small action can change your mindset and your day. The Fabulous path starts with one tiny step. We set you up to start the day with a little win that sets the tone for the day and the bigger changes you have your eye on.

Become a mindful eater 😋

Spring can be busy, but try to sit down for meals. Remove all distractions and commit to just eating. Put your phone away, turn off the TV, and focus on the flavors.

Pause between bites to feel for signals of fullness. Your pauses also double as opportunities to be grateful for the pleasure, nourishment, and energy your food provides.

Get your Zzz’s 😴💤

Sleep is essential to your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Set yourself up for restful sleep and energetic days with these bedtime habits:

  • Get into a regular bedtime and wake-time rhythm
  • Wind down with reading, stretching, or meditating
  • Create a sleep haven by sealing your room from light, tech devices, and uncomfortable heat
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Move your body 🏃🏋

Exercise is your way of celebrating your body’s abilities. It can feel like even more of a celebration if you’re lucky enough to move outside! Lay the foundation for a routine by:

  • Booking time to move. What’s stopping you from choosing where, and how you’ll exercise right now? With habits, the planning is as powerful as the performance. 
  • Removing any “extra.” Choose something simple if you’re just getting started! Running can be great exercise for beginners because all you need are a pair of comfortable running shoes and the gall to take the first few strides.
  • Becoming excuse-proof. Make starting your workout seamless by having your clothes and anything else you need ready.

Strong daily routines are pillars in your day, anchors in your life. You come to rely on them for support, strength, and stability through every season.

One of the easiest ways to build new healthy habits and productive daily routines is to have a comprehensive plan and a personal coach to keep you on track. Even better if it’s right in the palm of your hands, waiting to wake you up to the day and your full potential.

Find new ways to start healthy routines, get better sleep, and relieve stress using one of our many wellbeing partners like Fabulous on Gympass today. Start your feel-good membership today.