Vacations mean new surroundings, new activities, and new schedules. So what does that mean for reaching your fitness goals? Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or getting away from it all, there are a few ways to continue your workout routine on your trip. Here are five tips for working out on vacation.

Plan, plan, plan

Working toward your wellness goals while on vacation requires some planning. The Gympass app lets you filter by location so you can find gyms and studios near your destination and book the classes you want to take. Once you know more about your gym and studio options, you can prepare accordingly. 

Make room in your luggage

Planning ahead will help you know what to pack for your vacation workouts. Whether you’ll need extra layers for that outdoor run or extra-grip socks for the barre class you booked, there’s no excuse to skip your workout if everything you need is packed. Plus, you’ll avoid any last-minute shopping trips for workout clothes and equipment (and get to save that cash for vacation souvenirs). It’s a win-win.

Face your fears

Working out on vacation means being away from the gyms and studios you frequent near home or work — so find new ones wherever you go! When you’re on vacation, your Gympass membership travels with you, allowing you to try fun and fierce workouts around the world. Take a step outside of your usual fitness bubble to face your fears, meet new people, and maybe even find a new workout you love. 

Get creative with cardio

Working out on vacation can take many forms. If you can’t make it to a class, try getting your cardio in with things already on your itinerary. Get your heart pumping by walking around seeing the sights, or by hopping on a bike to do some exploring. We know it’s no HIIT class, but you’ll still get your body moving.

Remind yourself: you’re on vacation!

Your vacation should be a break from your usual routine. If you’re looking to incorporate your workouts during your time off, you’ll have plenty of options with Gympass. If you’re looking to take a real hiatus, that’s great! You can always get back on track when you get home. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and recharging will set you up to crush your workouts post-vacation.

Wherever you go on vacation, take Gympass and its network of thousands of gyms and studios with you! If your company offers Gympass, begin your free 7-day trial and start finding new workouts.